Are you organizing a non-profit or fundraising event that is looking for an economical timing option?  You've come to the right place!

Sunshine Productions would be thrilled to time your Puget Sound event.  We're not in this to make a ton of money but instead to help you return as much money as possible to the non-profit cause you are supporting.  Our rates are as follows:


Base Rate:  $250 plus

$1.25 per registered participant - event supplied bibs

$1.75 per registered participant - custom bibs proved by Sunshine Productions

.50 per Race Day registration or change to database beyond 10

PA/microphone for music, race announcements (if needed) $75.00

Travel more than 20 miles from Everett, WA - $2 per mile (using Google Maps to calculate)


The above rates include "gun time" results.  Preliminary Overall and Age Group results will be available at the Finish Line.  A link to final results will be provided for your follow up email and your website.

Questions?  Need to see if we are available on your date?  Email us at